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Take a Hit

Once the Connection is established, the real Hit can start…

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PerformersJamal Phoenix & Sir Malice


Runtime: 11:34

Sir Malice and Jamal Phoenix continue their exploration from their previous film, Connection First. Sir Malice is a flogger-virtuose and Jamal’s perfect ass is the best receiver.

Jamal Phoenix

Jamal Phoenix (he/him) is an Afro-Creole FTM pornstar, dancer and sexworker currently based in Europe. Jamal’s career centers on his self-proclaimed “Neo-Masculinity” identity. He works to amplify Transmasculine Gay visibility through stage performances, films and educational workshops, while also contributing to the creation of archives. He is the author of an autobiographic docu-porn which won many awards: “Mes Chéris”, produced by Buttermilk Films. His work blurs the lines between sexuality, performing arts and kinky practices. Dancer above all, his performance range goes from Contemporary pieces to pole-dance shows.

Insta @jamal_phoenix_official

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