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Berlin Fucktape: Spit & Latex

Runtime: 9:15

A slick fantasy with Sanguine and María Riot

Latex lends an edge to a sultry afternoon makeout between Sanguine (they/them) and María Riot (she/her). They swap spit and worship each other’s latex-clad bodies, reveling in the sensation of thin rubber over bare skin. María plays with her tits and presents herself to Sanguine, who can’t resist sliding their gloved fingers into her. Sanguine delights in María’s offering, bringing this sensual daydream to a gorgeous end.

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Hole Punch
Runtime: 21:20

Hole Punch is a co-production between AORTA films and ColorBlock Films

Leatherboy Beau Flex takes everything Robin Astera has to give 

Hole and punch might seem like two words that only belong together in an office, but Robin Astera (they/them) is here to teach leatherboy Beau Flex (they/them) how delicious they can be when combined. Can Beau be on their best behavior and get punched right where they need it most? See if Robin Astera (they/them) approves of Beau’s behavior in this BIPOC-only, T4T leather sex scene.

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Dungeon Barbie & Cock Ring Ken
Runtime: 21:20

Courtney Trouble and Mahx Capacity play dollies in the dungeon

Who let these two out of the box? Mahx Capacity (they/them) plays an eager Ken to Courtney Trouble’s (they/them) bubbly, sadistic Barbie in this Troublefilms and AORTA films co-production. After showing Ken what’s in store for them, Barbie  leads their eager plaything into the dungeon and onto a St. Andrews cross. Barbie torments Ken with a crop and flogger and turns them into a drooling mess, getting them off between beatings. Finally, our dolls bring their playtime to an explosive end when Barbie bounces on Ken’s hand in a leather sling. It really is Dungeon Barbie’s world!

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Trans/Queer-RUN Studio AORTA films produces monthly short films & feature projects, as well as a range of innovative programing including a queer Clip Library, Screenings and festivals, guest artists, workshops, and commercial collaborations.

AORTA films was conceived in 2015 by co-founders Mahx Capacity, Ginny Woolf, and Parts Authority, and is now led by Creative Director Mahx Capacity. Hailing from the BDSM community and experimental performance contexts, AORTA works collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual working processes. We’re obsessed with creating hot, kinky content that celebrates queer identity and explodes with destabilizing pleasure…

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