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NEW INC’s DEMO Festival 2024
New York / June 5, 2024

Expanding on the New Museum’s commitment to new art and new ideas, NEW INC is the Museum’s cultural incubator supporting creative practitioners and small businesses working across art, design, and technology.

As the culmination of Year 10 of the incubator, DEMO Festival 2024 presented talks and exhibitions from the program’s participants.

See Mahx Capacity’s 7-minute talk “Co-creating a Future of Ethical Fuckery” in this video, and see more about their installation “Who’s Afraid of Pornography?” here.


Panel: “The Sextech Founder’s Journey: How Sextech Alum are Reimagining Sex & Technology”
Online / October 2, 2023
part of the Reimagine Sexuality Technology Conference
featuring Mahx Capacity, Bo Bonilla, Steven Beith, and Lisa Kinsella

“Censored Pleasure:
Porn, Free Expression, & Sexual Freedom”
Online / May 22, 2023
presented by The Woodhull Freedom Foundation
featuring Mahx Capacity and Amber Mallery

Pornographic content is some of the most popular content online – it’s also the most rigidly censored. However, most porn is protected by the First Amendment and is a valid form of free expression. For this program of our Censorship Series, Mandy Salley will sat down with two pornographers and sex educators to talk about porn, gentrification, sex work, and censorship. Indie Pornographer & Creative Director of AORTA Films Mahx Capacity and Sex Educator & Researcher Amber Mallery joined for this scintillating conversation.

Watch the talk in full, here on YouTube!

“Let’s Get Nasty:
Resisting the Gentrification of Pleasure with Porn Literacy & Sex Education”
Washington, DC / March 9-11, 2023
presented by The Sexology Summit for Pleasure Professionals
featuring Mahx Capacity and Amber Mallery

This counterpoint discussion, speakers Mahx Capacity, founder and Creative Director of queer/trans porn studio AORTA films and sex educator and TedX speaker Amber Mallery MPH, CSE will explore the definition of “ethical porn,” and react to the trend of gentrifying sex and pleasure by divorcing it from “nasty” pornography and explicit sex. The discussion will also cover the important yet imperfect relationship between sex education and porn as Mahx and Amber address the present strategies that may be undermining the good intentions of our collective work as pleasure professionals towards bringing pleasure, good sex, and consent-based relationships to the masses.


“For a Few Dollars Less:
Making and losing money with non-mainstream porn

Berlin, Germany / October 27, 2022
presented by the Berlin Pornfilmfestival
featuring Mahx Capacity and Theo Meow

Panel: “Early startup funding – The Obvious and Non-Obvious Fundraising Routes for XXX business”
featuring Mahx Capacity (Founder of AORTA films) and Loes Jaber (Founder of Nuditae)

Panel: “Behind the scene of Adult Cinema”
featuring: Mahx Capacity (Founder of AORTA films), Angie Rowntree (CEO & Founder of Sssh), Anna Richards (Founder of Frolicme), and Paulita Papel (Founder of Lustery)

Berlin, Germany / October 27, 2022
presented by SxTech EU

“Fat in Porn”
online / May 30, 2021
presented by the Berlin Pornfilmfestival
featuring Mahx Capacity, Papi Femme, Chloe Venom, and April Flores

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