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AORTA films is available for interviews, podcasts, and reviews of our work. We love talking about pleasure, agency, communication, and radical pervy porn! If you’d like to write about our work or schedule an interview, please feel free to reach out.


Hvad tænder os to? (“What turns us on?”) / Listen here
Kristina and Mette would like to push the boundaries of their sex life, but it is not easy for the introverted Kristina to talk about sex. However, Kristina is not slow to be persuaded to go with her boyfriend on a journey that includes secret sex fantasies, clitoris art, cuddling sessions, pleasure parties and lesbian porn. From the Danish province, the trip goes to New York’s creative class and down into Berlin’s dark underground.

Episode 3:
In an apartment in Berlin, Kristina and her partner attend the filming of a lesbian porn film, but first they meet the queer porn director, Mahx Capacity, who goes all out in their films.

Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino:
”Mahx Capacity on Forsaking Traditional Porn”
/ Listen here
”AORTA films creates lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. Founded by Creative Director Mahx Capacity, and Performer/Producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf, AORTA films creates queer/feminist pornography that disrupts boundaries and glitches desire. This January, they will premiere their first feature film (W/HOLE) at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, New York.”

Tina Horn’s “Why Are People Into That?!” Podcast:
Interrobang: AORTA Films Pt1 /
Listen here
Interrobang: AORTA Films Pt2 / Listen here

”AORTA films creates lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. F”Does anyone actually jerk off to high-concept porn? Can porn be rehearsed? What if you have an experimental dance background and a radical queer political agenda? AORTA Films wants to explore these questions and more with their milk-guzzling queer erotic videos. Mere days after the American presidential election opened a hellmouth, Tina got together with Max Capacity, Ginny Wolf, and Parts Authority to drink whiskey and get to the bottom of these issues and many more.” 


Misty Martinez for Hustler Magazine
“Porn Star Productions”

[Article behind paywall]

“Not content to let someone else control their output, these enterprising XXX performers have seized the means of production to create seriously sexy content on their own terms…

Was there a specific catalyst that made you start your own production company or studio? 

Mahx Capacity: When I went to my first queer sex party, I immediately knew that amazing queer sex was something I wanted to devote my life to. For queer people, sex and porn serve a specific cultural role. Seeing ourselves wrapped up in pleasure and joy isn’t just about getting off–it’s about celebrating our survival, that we’re still here, and that we have a right to joy and pleasure exactly as we are. I love getting to make films that feature real queer people getting to be vulnerable, powerful, seen and celebrated all at once, and I love that AORTA films is building a platform to feature work by more and more makers and performers.”

James Factora for them
“Carmen Maria Machado Is Writing an Erotic Film — and You Could Be In It”

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“The casting call in and of itself is a delight and worth reading, both for the descriptions of the characters and for a sneak peek at the sex scenes that we can look forward to in the completed film. Some highlights include AJ, who is the central ghost of the movie and has “big fuckboy energy” and Jane, the “group’s resident woo-woo queer and boss bitch.” There are Lex ads. There’s drama over mutual exes, which (spoiler but not really) leads to a “tumultuous threesome.” There is what is described as “an orgy of infinite hands.” Truly, what more could we ask for???”

Vanna O’Brien for Refinery29
“10 Ethical Porn Sites You Can Actually Feel Good About”

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“Here is a list of the best ethical porn sites available right now.

AORTA films
Founded in 2015, AORTA Films describes itself as “indie queer porn” that streams “ethical fuckery”. We love to see it. Aorta works collaboratively with creators, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual working processes, and celebrates all genders and bodies. The site has a store that reminds us of a video rental store, and rentals start at $3.99.”

Abby Moss for Mens Health
“The Case for Straight Guys Watching More Queer Porn”
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Sex experts agree that exploring queer porn can have major benefits, no matter your gender or sexual orientation…

“…Mahx Capacity, founder of the queer porn company AORTA films, loves that queer porn “operates with an expansive, exploratory view of what sex can be.”

“Can’t get hard? Feeling low energy but still want to get it on? No sexual interest in bodies, but have a raging shoe fetish? Queer porn shows that there’s no ‘right’ way to fuck,” Mahx says. “As long as it’s between enthusiastically consenting adults, it’s on the table.”

Carina Hsieh, Rachel Varina, and Kayla Kibbie for COSMOPOLITIAN
36 Porn Sites for Women That Are Safe, Ethical, and Extremely Hot
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An award-winning porn studio, Aorta Films specializes in experimental adult content aimed at a queer audience—or, as the studio itself puts it, “Lusty, opulent, glorious fuckery.” (In other words: Sign us up.) Their films feature a diverse range of sexual identities, genders, and body types in all kinds of kinky configurations. Non-members can pay to stream or download videos, but a paid membership will grant you free streaming and a 50 percent discount on all downloads.

Author Carmen Maria Machado Joins Aorta Films Movie Project” /
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Award-winning queer author Carmen Maria Machado has joined Aorta Films as a writer for an untitled film project for its “Induction Series,” which includes an erotic short movie as well as three expanded porn scenes from the film.

“I have always been drawn to genres ripe with capacity for subversion,” Machado said. “Horror is one of them. Porn—especially queer porn—is another. Both have space for lushness, humor, and perversion—not to mention serving as a mirror for our fears and our desires. It makes absolute sense to bring the two of them together, and I am so thrilled to do that with AORTA films.”

Abigail Moss for Inside Hook
“Why More Porn Movies Are Having Mainstream Premiere Events”
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…in mainstream cinema, sex is often shown only as something dark, seedy, destructive. Some mainstream shows like Netflix’s Sex Education are starting to buck this trend, and other female, non-binary and queer-run porn production companies, such as AORTA films, are bringing more fun and cinematic details into porn, but it’s more a trickle than a tidal wave.

Noelle Perdue for THEM
“How to Find Actually Good Queer Porn”
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If you’re looking for something more experimental, AORTA films offers high concept, boundary-pushing porn with incredible production quality. Their short films and feature length projects prioritizes those who feel mis- and under-represented in the mainstream porn industry. From high-intensity roleplay scenes to gorgeous leather and latex kits, their masterful handling of BDSM and kink scenes does their history proud. Personally, I love Aorta’s trials with mixed-media film, with films like Queerantine Fantasy delivering hot content shown in gorgeous hand-drawn animation.

Membership comes in three tiers, including one month, three months, and 12 months of access to all of Aorta’s content and clip library. It also includes an invitation to their semi-annual queer porn festival, BEDDED, streamed every July and December for their members. BEDDED shows off independently-created, international porn clips curated by the Aorta team, and the clips remain available for Aorta members for the entire month of the BEDDED festival.

Camila Bailey for the Washington City Paper
“The Sexual Revolution Will Be Nuanced
” / Read Full Article

Mahx Capacity came to the sex and pleasure industry to fill a void. Mahx works as owner and creative director for the queer/feminist porn collective AORTA films. They co-founded AORTA in 2015 with their two friends and business partners, Ginny Woolf and Parts Authority, as a space for queer joy and expression. In the current political landscape, there is an overwhelming need to celebrate queer joy and pleasure, Mahx tells City Paper, but at the same time, “being queer is political.”

Speaking about their work with AORTA, Mahx says, “queer porn is entertainment, but it’s also survival.” AORTA’s work is focused on creating “enthusiastically consensual” pleasure content. But, Mahx explains, there is also a deeply political nature to what they are doing. By spotlighting queer and trans sex and focusing on a wide range of bodies and identities, AORTA considers themselves advocates working to grow a movement to preserve the rights and safety of nonbinary, queer, and trans individuals amid ongoing threats to these communities, both from political bodies and hate groups.

The summit comes at a critical time. As Mahx explains, sex as a political issue shows up as advocacy for sex workers and labor rights, public health, and abortion access.”

Abby Moss for i-D (VICE)
“On-screen, sex workers aren’t just victims anymore
” / Read Full Article

“Sex work isn’t inherently exploitative and violent by nature,” Mahx says, “but it’s also not all positive and empowering. It’s work. It has the potential to be fulfilling and exhausting and financially supportive and draining and horizon-expanding and frustrating, just like any other job. Adult industry folks live some of the most fascinating, beautiful, hard-working, complex, interesting lives I’ve ever encountered.”

Laura Holliday for VICE
“What Is Ethical Porn? How to Jerk Off Responsibly”
/ Read Full Article

AORTA films is an award-winning porn studio focusing on queer cinema. They feature performers across a wide range of bodies and identities who are tested and checked in with regularly. Performers are also welcome to suggest edits so they are represented in a way that they agree with.” 

Abby Moss for i-D (Vice)
“The Future of Porn is Non-Binary” / Read Full Article

“The variety of content available on these platforms is vast, showcasing a huge range of bodies, kinks and fantasies. And, by showing the complex facets of human sexuality, porn evolves into more than simply a form of entertainment. It becomes a tool for breaking down harmful and sexist ways of thinking.”
“Top 21 Adult Film Highlights of 2021” / See Full List

Hole expert Ashely Paige (she/her) and expert hole Corey More (they/them) star in this visceral meditation on the gloriousness of holes. …

“Best Short Film” 2021 GOLDEN RAINCOAT AWARD WINNER, Official Selection 2021 SECS Fest, 2021 San Francisco PornFilmFestival, 2021 PornFilmFestival Berlin, Copenhagen MIX Festival, Vienna PornFilmFestival, and more!

Jamie LeClaire for Well+Good
“I’m Trans and Nonbinary: Here’s What I Want Cis People To Know About Having Sex With Me”
/ Read Full Article

“To help cis people unlearn these damaging scripts, I’d suggest watching queer porn. Some of my favorites that feature trans and nonbinary bodies and voices are Crashpad Series, Bellesa, and AORTA Films.”

Jet Noir for Obsidian Obscenities
“Orgy #001” Adult Film Review
/ Read Full Review

“I encourage you to watch Orgy, not because it will satiate your need for physical touch, but because every sense of compersion in your body will celebrate the touch they experience. Orgy was hypnotizing from open to close! I was left with the feeling that every character both earned and received their pleasure from a place of deep connection.”

Ginny Woo for The Daily Dot
“The best porn sites for lesbian and queer women”
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“Something of a hidden gem. AORTA is behind the acclaimed film W/HOLE. Which mixed queer pleasure and concepts of activism and resistance to spectacular results. Including a Porn Film Festival Berlin feature last year…Whether it’s morning-after moments or frantic fisting with a friend, there’s something for every variety of queer interest.”
AORTA Films, Gay/Queer Indie Porn Studio, To Relaunch Tomorrow / Read Full Article

“AORTA films will soon be back with the premiere of new films, festival announcement, commercial work, and more.”

Kazimir Lee for Oh Joy Sex Toy
/ Read Full Comic

Courtney Trouble for Autostradle:
Like a Little Act of Vengeance: F*cking While Fat
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“There’s an intimacy with hunger, desire, digging in fat sex. Our work as fat folks to see our self-doubt for what it is–not some innate truth, but plain-old exploitative capitalism — literally works up an appetite, and fulfilling it can be one of the most delicious experiences imaginable.” – Mahx Capacity”

The Kit:
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“Once you’ve found companies and performers you like, check out their Twitter and Instagram handles. “Identify acts, scenarios, aesthetics or performers that work for you and then follow the people making those films: See who they love to shoot for, who they’re talking up,” says U.K.-based Vex Ashley, founder of the “sex and cinema” project Four Chambers. Some of Ashley’s own favourites include The Lust Garden, Poppy Sanchez, Aorta Films, Max Disgrace, King Noire and Jetsetting Jasmine.”

Adult DVD Talk:
BFF, Naked, and Afraid (Movie Review)
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“Mahx Capacity, Ginny Woolf, and Parts Authority manage to accomplish in nine minutes what some movies can’t do in 120 minutes. BFF, Naked, and Afraid is highly recommended for viewers who like substance with their porn.”

Why we run London Porn Film Festival despite protests, censorship, and hate
/ Read Full Article
”The London Porn Film Festival does not deny that violent, misogynistic, racist pornography exists – we just don’t accept that all porn is inherently violent. Sexual literacy in this country is appalling, but you do not change that by shutting down the tiny DIY festival while ignoring the laws enabling and re-enforcing mainstream, heterosexist content. We showcase critical, queer, ethical, DIY porn. We disagree that feminist porn is an oxymoron, and we defy anyone to say that production companies such as Pink Label, Four Chambers, AORTA and Dreams of Spanking are not artistic, forward thinking, and incredibly hot.”

InfiniteBody Blog:
Get ready for ‘(W/HOLE)” at Invisible Dog
/ Read Full Preview
AORTA Films and the A.O. Movement Collective proudly present (W/HOLE), an artful work of queer-feminist–if otherwise uncharacterizable–porn commissioned by The Invisible Dog and sure to be a highlight of its season. Directed by Mahx Capacity, this evening-length film is handsome in choreography, performance and camera work, sometimes sunlight bright, sometimes dungeon dark, with robust poetry and wit. From a symphony of f-bombing in all its expressive permutations to an extended sex scene where watchful attendants–as elusive as black-clad kuroko–hold glass spray bottles at the ready, keeping the lovers moist and dewy. The way the cast affirms that every body, and everything about the body, is erotic can be both amusing and profound. Leave it to dancers to come up with something like this.

Courtney Trouble for Autostradle:
Your Hot Wet XXX Summer: 2018 Queer Porn Preview
/ Read Full Article
AORTA Films: AORTA is a small queer porn studio that makes gorgeous work with a variety of different kinds of queer babes, and what’s cool about them is that they distribute themselves widely. Get ready for BDSM in the forest, orgies, and great cinematography — all available through their website, Patreon (only $9 a month) or through PinkLabel.TV. AORTA also screens far and wide at film festivals like the Berlin Porn Film Festival and POP Porn, hoping to assure worldly homo influence one super-cute scene at a time. AORTA’s Patreon feels like a crushy pen pal relationship with your favorite queer porno pals. They are listed here especially for their newest release, Orgy #002 — which is great in itself, but from the name implies at least 98 more orgies which we think is pretty fucking hot. Orgy #001 is live on PinkLabel, if you’re curious.

Go Magazine:
5 Queer Erotic Film Sites To Ignite Your Queerest Fantasies
/ Read Full Article
“Ginny, Parts, and Mahx have been creating erotica together since 2012, when Parts proposed the idea of a Valentine’s Day photo shoot in celebration of their friendship, bodies, and radical babeliness,” it reads on their site. And the three have continued to make sexy queer content with radical babeliness at the forefront ever since, under the name AORTA Films. Their most recent films even have the hottest names like “Teenage Dream” and “Liquid Dreams” — with another video launching tomorrow, March 1.

Go Magazine:
10 Beautiful & Empowering Queer Women You Should Be Following on Instagram /
Read Full Article
“Mahx Capacity is a “queer fat femme power bottom” and the creature and director of AORTA films, making “experimental queer/feminist films and media that celebrate queer identity, pleasure, and joy” with performer/producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf. “AORTA films seeks to create ethical, lusty, heartfelt content that disrupts boundaries and glitches desire.” They fully embrace their sexuality, and it’s hot AF.”

Wear Your Voice:
An Inclusive Porn Guide for the Marginalized
/ Read Full Article
“…Beyond all the performers being sexy, fun and cute as hell, Aorta takes on the artistic side of porn production with the best angles in pornography I’ve ever seen. These are art films of the nth degree…Of all the pornography I’ve had the pleasure of viewing at my leisure and for this piece, films on Aorta are the most natural at their use of sex toys. Everything about the sex shown here feels like the sex I have, or more accurately, the sex I hope to have — the sex I try to have as often as possible.”

Glamour Magazine:
Does Mainstream Porn Have a Race Problem? /
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“Companies like TrenchcoatX, A Four Chambered Heart, AORTA Films, and Foxhouse Films are attempting to reinvent porn labeling without using stereotyping language around race, gender, or orientation…”
Adult Video Network: Debuts ‘The OH Files’ From New Studio AORTA films
/ Read Full Review
The OH Files features visual narratives, conceptual elements and experimental interludes in it effort to make a mark in the cannon of queer and feminist pornography.” STUDIO SPOTLIGHT: AORTA films’ The OH Files
/ Read Full Interview
”Many of the works involve displays or mirrors of genitalia. A printed photo is held against the body of another. Mylar creates a kaleidoscopic ‘fun house’ reflection of a three-way. Two lovers are caught divided between a sheet of plexiglas. One lover swipes an iPad over another lovers crotch to flip through various digital genitals, offering a ‘smorgasbord’ of anatomy for oral pleasure.”

Psycho-Girl Blog:
Pornography on Tuesday: A Dispatch From The ETLE Universe
/ Read Full Review
“…The lighting was art-house, but the explicit acts…were strictly porny. Bodies were varied in size, shape and gender, but slo-mo and mylar were fairly distributed. I’m not too proud to snag a few ideas, but will probably stop short of milk-chugging or sex with my iPad. I won’t let a crass term like “fisting” invade my scholarly tone (oops), but can report that the slap-audio was excellent.”

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