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Porn/Performance Manifesto 1

I am a queer performance maker and pornographer.

I am a maximalist, and describe my work as anti-ephemeral and pomo-humanist; I am obsessed with exploring lush humanity in an experimental post-postmodern context, and I operate with the belief that this process can create many outputs, not all of them confined to live, time-based experiences. My work expresses itself interstitially, across forms including performance, pornography, object-making, ideology, community building, and the creation of experimental economic systems.

My current artistic goal is to further explore how (queer) pornography might be integrated and infiltrated with/by a performance practice to create content that explodes with destabilizing joy.

Performance and pornography have analogous power: they use human bodies to trigger instantaneous responses in the viewer that are visceral and uncontrollably authentic. These responses precede language, social constructs, and projected identity. Our bodies react before we have time to respond the way we ‘should’, sending us scrambling to contain the dissonance between our reaction and who we thought we were. This dissonance is productive: it is a glitch in our understanding of self and reality—a moment of unraveling before sense and meaning gets remade. In this queerly feminist moment of un-knowing, literally anything is possible. There is no certainty or single truth—we experience something intersectional and new. It is the promise of these moments that make both pornography and performance powerful, dangerous, glorious tools. My practice as an artist is a continued attempt to use these tools for pleasure, for knowledge, for resistance and survival, and to forge radical intimacy in solidarity with my fellow humans.

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