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Babygurl’s Big Birthday Bang

Babygurl Manon Praline gets the Sweet and Sadistic scene of her dreams!

Runtime: 15:04

Manon Praline is turning 40 and for her birthday, her sweet and sadistic Leather Family planned a very special celebration. Seven eager tops await their precious babygurl—eager to devour her like cake with their hands, mouths, tools, and toys. Manon thanks her family profusely as they each take their turn wishing her a very happy birthday.


StarringManon Praline, Snax, Dulce Fuego, Azalea Trix, Sable, Plump Majesty, Jane Vervain, Gem Cut, Jamie Joy
DirectorMahx Capacity
Co-ProducersSnax, Cat Gold, Jamie Joy, and Mahx Capacity
Shot and Edited byCat Gold
Production AssistanceBeau Flex and Jamie Joy


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