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AORTA films transition statement

When we (Parts Authority, Mahx Capacity, and Ginny Woolf) founded AORTA films in 2015, our deep friendship and queer intimacy was at the heart of our work together. We wanted to make the porn we wished we saw when we were 13, and to build something on top of the power of intimate friendship and support. Over the last three years we’ve created films with heart and integrity together, and have felt so lucky to get to make films with and for such a beautiful, supportive community.

As we’ve worked, we’ve also come to understand how a deep enmeshment of friendship and business can be limiting and difficult. We have made the decision that this dynamic is no longer working for us, and as such, we are moving away from this structure. As you might imagine, this process has been challenging and emotional for all of us, but we are all committed to doing it ethically, with shared care and integrity.

This October will conclude AORTA’s first era, as we re-envision AORTA films as a stronger and more boundaried queer small business, rather than a project among friends. Mahx Capacity will take over full leadership of AORTA films starting this November, and Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf will part ways with the company.

Parts Authority: I am leaving AORTA films upon the realization that I can not give AORTA the energy and care necessary for the company to flourish. In order for this business to grow to its full potential, I see that it needs to be run by ambitious, hungry, and diverse leadership; I stepping down to make space for that.

Ginny Woolf: Like Parts, I am leaving AORTA films in the hope of making room for the business to grow, and for new voices under Mahx’s leadership. I am excited to create more weird/gross/queer porn. Although I will continue to perform, I plan to work in a way that allows the other important work in my life to receive the attention it deserves. Follow me on instagram @ginnywoolfx for updates on future projects.

Both Parts and Ginny feel that Mahx’s official, full leadership reflects a structure that has emerged within in the last year, and is the appropriate anatomy for AORTA films moving forward.

Ginny and Parts are proud to have created work with AORTA, and feel lucky to have been part of the company’s formation and early vision. In the coming years, Mahx hopes to honor Parts and Ginny’s founding ethos: celebrating queer intimacy, friendship, and community as an inherent part of desire in the work AORTA films produces. Mahx hopes to grow a strong foundation and diverse leadership for AORTA films, and bring the company into its next era of work.

We are excited to see how AORTA will grow and evolve, and we hope you’ll come with us on this adventure. We’ll continue to release a new film each month as we navigate this transition period now through October, and we will announce future plans for new releases and projects as we know more. We hope you’ll help us welcome the new and revamped AORTA films into being this November, and we thank you for all your love, viewership, and support that helped us launch this project together.

Onwards, onwards.
Mahx Capacity, Parts Authority, and Ginny Woolf

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