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Tonight after closing time it’s #dad4dad, #mullet4mullet, #gncbabe4gncbabe brilliance.

Runtime: 14:17

Im4ge Obj3ct and Parts Authority are tasked with closing up the bar tonight but these two get a little carried away showing off their brawn and shrug their duties. Arm wrestling quickly turns into make outs and grappling. Image and Parts delight in a playful power struggle as they undress and pin each other to the bar floor and pool table with shrieks, chuckles and gasps. Who will win? Doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.


StarringParts Authority + 
Im4ge Obj3ct
Director of PhotographyKaden Fear
EditorMahx Capacity
MusicPolyphonics, Black Math, and Alpha Hydrae
Conceived byParts Authority,
Im4ge Obj3ct, + Mahx Capacity


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