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A Dungeon Session w/ Sir Rue

Fetish, depravity, submission – what else could you ask for?

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PerformersSir Rueand thatonepainpup


Runtime: 18:41

Rue rented out a dungeon so he could slut me out exactly how he wanted for this video. There’s something here for everyone: boot worship, flogging, punching, impact tools, spike strips, saran wrap, breath play, and lots of depravity. This is a purchase you will not regret.

Sir Rue

Sir Rue (he/him) is a professional and lifestyle Dominant, sadomasochist, and fetish artist striving to create work that reflects His experience as a trans and disabled existence. Find Him in Denver exploring His fantasies around deep power exchange, impact, sharps, and bondage.

Insta @serverue / Twitter @serverue / Fetlife @serverue


thatpainpup (it/its) is an interdisciplinary artist, supermasochist, and pervert. They are fueled by their disability to create meaningful bodies of work that showcase the manipulation of human flesh. It specializes in fetish play, intense bondage, and heavy masochism

Insta @thatonepainpup / Twitter @thatpainpup / Fetlife @thatpainpup / Bluesky @thatpainpup

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