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A Madam and Her Maiden

Enjoy this evening of pure love, passion, discipline and sadism between Madam Carmen and her beautiful Maiden, Andrea Sunflower.

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Created byMadam Carmen & Andrea Sunflower


Runtime: 29:21

After being separated for months, Madam and her Maiden were both craving the unadulterated organic flow of energy they exchanged whenever they were in each other’s presence. Indulge in this private sacred evening between them and Madam’s spanking bench.

Madam Carmen

Madam Carmen, (She/Her/Madam) Mentor, Director, Erotic Performer and Kink/BDSM Practitioner of over 10 years. Owner of KinknikMedia.

Andrea Sunflower

Andrea Sunflower/The Naked Unicorn (she/they) Is an adult film (actress/performer/model), Adult Novelist and an Erotic Artistic Muse. In 2020 Andrea was hired as Talent and a Creative Writer for Indie Adult production company Kinknik Media by her mentor and now Dom, Madam Carmen.

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