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When you’re just DYING to join the coven, you’ll do anything they ask of you.

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ProducerColorBlock Filmsd’tat
Director & EditorOran Julius
TalentBeau Flex, Dahlia Damoiselle, & Sakina Sins
Sound & Production AssistantNahuel Miel


Runtime: 20:24

What happens when two cum-obsessed vampires bring home a snack that is just DYING to join the coven? They put them to the test…he said he’d do anything to earn his spot after all…Sakina Sins (he/they) shows his devotion as he accepts beatings and opens his holes to prove his worth. Dahlia Damoiselle (she/they) and Beau Flex (they/them) don’t hesitate to test the limits of that ‘everything’ and see just how much they can fill up their new snack before granting him access to the coven with an exchange of fluids.


Oran Julius (they/he) is a Black, queer, disabled and neurodivergent, trans human. They are a true switch and himbo who loves to play with extremes, swinging from unsettling sadism to eager masochism. A role play enthusiast who leans into the taboo and depraved. Always ready to be a hungry hole or dick someone down, they often joke that they were “made for sex” and he’s a 4-hole slut (if you know, you know…)

Colorblock Films
Twitter @juicyfruitoran / Instagram @Juicyfruitoran

Beau Flex / Instagram @un_beau_flex
Dahlia Damoiselle / website / Instagram @deathbysuccubus
Sakina Sins / Instagram @switchbitch.666
Nahuel Miel / Twitter @nahmiel666

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