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At His Whim

Leather freaks Jamal Phoenix and Daddy Anansi transform a casual sunday stroll into a kinky playground…

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Performers & Co-CreatorsJamal Phoenix and Daddy Anansi
Director of PhotographyCat Gold


Runtime: 15:00

The air is hot & heavy with the smell of sex and leather after Daddy Anansi puts good boy Jamal Phoenix at his service. These two gear-freaks unleash their desire for each other and transform this casual sunday stroll into a kinky playground and space of worship.

Jamal Phoenix

Jamal Phoenix (he/him) is a French-Créole FTM porn performer, dancer and escort currently based in Berlin. Jamal’s work resolves around his self-proclaimed “Neo-Masculinity” identity, his primary focus being on the expansion of Transmasculine Gay visibility. Active in the Fetish industry as well, his work blurs the lines between sexuality, performing arts and kinky practices. Dancer above all, his performance range goes from contemporary pieces to poledance shows.

Daddy Anansi

Daddy Anansi (he/him) is a Pro-dom, mattress actress, & filmmaker who displays his Black trans masculinity in a way unseen before. Sir Anansi explores Black queerness and T4T dynamics through his works. Being a professional bitch, shape shifter, and THE Leather Dyke Daddy is unfathomable to embody at once but Daddy does it with ease.

Instagram @yes.anansi

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