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ATVs Gone Wild

On their bad boys ATV trip, Dallas (formerly known as Alice) takes Bart for a wild ride, pushing them to their limits in pleasure on the edge of their ATV.

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StarringDallas and Bart
Produced byMason Rose


Runtime: 18:24

After a long day of riding ATVs in the hot sun, Dallas and Bart sneak away to find a secluded spot on the beach. Dallas takes Batt for a wild ride, pushing them to their limits of pleasure on the ATV. See Dallas intimately suck on Bart’s dick, bend them over and fuck them on the ATV, and make Bart squirt all over the seat drenching them both. With moments of intimacy and softness, and hard spanks and choking, you’ll be left wanting more from these two.


Dallas (they/them) is a southern bimbo originally from Nashville but now based in Portland, Oregon. They got into sex work through burlesque performance, then moved to online content creation and into stripping and modeling. They are featured in POPPN Magazine, Rub Magazine and will soon be in a HUMP film. They have a deep passion for bringing together queer and trans babes in their community to create erotic, pleasure centered content that displays the many forms of queer intimacy and joy.

OnlyFans / Instagram @Handmadesexy


Bart (they/them) is a non-binary, trans masculine bad boy who was raised in the south and now lives in Portland, Oregon. They have a deep passion for tattoos, cowboy apparel, hot trans folks and intimate eye contact. They work full time as an artist and they would love to hurt you sometime soon.

Instagram @boiled_peanut_

Mason Rose

Mason Rose (He/They) is a trans masculine portrait photographer, porn creator, and performer based in Los Angeles and Portland. His work can be seen in magazines like PORNCEPTUAL, Decibel, and New Noise. Whether the purpose of the piece is soft and personal or outright pornographic, it is always erotic because of Mason’s lense of deep adoration for the subject. On camera, he comes off as a bully and brat tamer, and identifies as a Daddy. He loves creating with other trans and gender fluid sex workers.

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