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Cameraman Joins the Fun ft Billy Lore & River Gray

Billy Lore starts as a cameraman for Dee Darkholme and River Gray, but just couldn’t help but pull his cock out and join in on the action!

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StarringDee Darkholme, River Gray, and Billy Lore
Filmed & edited byBilly Lore


Runtime: 19:22

When Billy Lore and I visited River Gray, he started out as the cameraman but just couldn’t help getting caught up in the action! After watching me and River make out and suck each other off, he pulls out his cock and let us take turns gagging on it. Then, eager to fill River’s tight holes, I bend him over and fuck him while he sucks Billy’s cock and fuck his face. Finally River mounts Billy’s cock while I climb onto his face, and we both ride him until we cover him in our cum.

Dee Darkholme

Dee Darkholme (they/he) is a giggly, switchy pain slut who loves taking cock just as much as they love pounding holes. In both his solo and partnered porn, he loves filming candid, silly, intimate scenes that show how connective and joyful filthy sex can be. Some of their favorite ways to play include heavy impact, rope bondage, taboo role play, e-stim, and strapping on. In his free time, Dee enjoys photography, fiddling with crafty hobbies, and trying fun new haircuts and colors.

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