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Captain Smash Fucks Keith’s Space Bussy

In this first part of Keith Eros’ sexy space adventures, Keith the engineer extraordinaire goes over to fix Captain Smash’s spaceship!

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Videographer & EditorNikki Sequoia
Performers Keith Eros and Smash Tafarih


Runtime: 23:52

Captain Smash Tafarih runs into a problem on his ship! Just what’s going on?! He needs an engineer stat! Keith Eros shows up in a jiffy, he’s the best engineer in the galaxy . Keith takes a look and finds that a slimy tentacle in the reactor is the problem, before he can fix it the ship jostles and brings Captain Smash and Keith together. I think… the ship wants them to fuck!


Keith Eros (he/him) is a transmasc adult entertainer and producer. He produces porn both for his own sites as well as other companies. Outside of the adult industry he loves coffee, travel, and baking. He eventually wants to open a queer cafe while balancing his adult industry career.

Twitter @Keith_eros / Instagram @Keith_eros

Smash Tafarih / performer – Twitter @SmashTXXX
Nikki Sequoia / videographer & editor – Twitter @nikki_sequoia

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