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Cowboys and Aliens

In this second part of Keith Eros’ sexy space adventures, multi-verse Keith Eros the cowboy gets beamed up to space with his partner Teddy and they get naughty with the alien Leo!

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Videographer & EditorNikki Sequoia
ModelsLeo Lovely , Teddy Bare Naked, Keith Eros


Runtime: 21:16

It was just another ordinary day, Keith Eros and his partner Teddy Bare Naked were getting intimate in the barn on their farm. Lips on one another, hands stroking every part of each other’s bodies. Keith drops to his knees and sensually takes Teddy’s cock in his hot mouth. Meanwhile in a far far away galaxy, Leo Lovely ran into a problem with his ship. He needs Keith Eros the engineer! He searches on his ship’s facial recognition system and locates Keith. But why is he a cowboy?? Oh. And why is he sucking that other cowboys dick? Never mind that, he needs his ship repaired stat so he beams right in!


Keith Eros (he/him) is a transmasc adult entertainer and producer. He produces porn both for his own sites as well as other companies. Outside of the adult industry he loves coffee, travel, and baking. He eventually wants to open a queer cafe while balancing his adult industry career.

Instagram @Keith_eros / Twitter @Keith_eros

Leo Lovely / performer – Twitter @Littleleolovely / Instagram @littleleolovelyx
Teddy Bare Naked / Performer – Twitter @teddybarenaked
Nikki Sequoia / videographer & editor – Twitter @nikki_sequoia

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