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This one’s pretty straightforward… It’s a fuck tape!

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Created byTen Against and Bobby LaBottom


Runtime: 14:46

This one is pretty straightforward- it’s a fuck tape! A little hitachi, a little face and pussy fucking, and a LOT of orgasms! Multiple camera angles, lots of close ups, and a really hot time. As always with the Bobby and Ten Date Night Series, this one keeps some of the meta-talk and “real” moments between Ten and I in the video- you’ll see our special looks to each other, small exchanges, and me or him asking for things we need! Hope you love it as much as we did making it.


Bobby LaBottom is a queer, genderfucked femme, and sadomasochist switch. An advocate for all bodies in bondage, kink, and porn- especially fat ones- Bobby works to break down the belief that weight, size, and physical limitations are barriers to any human’s ability to experience and enjoy, the sex they WANT to have.

Bobby LaBottom:
Website / Twitter @bobbylabottom / Instagram @whoisbobbylabottom

Ten Against:
Twitter @tenagainst / Instagram @Ten.Against

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