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Deux Ans

It is through the ink of their skins that we accompany BRXE and AXGE in the scintillating celebration of their love. Two years of complicity and kisses. Of enjoyment and tenderness.

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Direction, co-production, camera, editing, colo, music, screenplay, performanceAXGE
Direction assistance, co-production, editing advice, performanceBRXE


Runtime: 6:09

‘Two Years’ stands as AXGE’s debut video in collaboration with BRXE. Together, they delve into the intricate intersections of work and intimacy, anonymity, and the profound journey of coming out. This firts movie aims to unravel the complexities of human connection, transcending the boundaries of conventional narratives. AXGE and BRXE navigate the delicate balance between professional collaboration and intimate exploration, weaving a tapestry that challenges preconceptions. *We wish us all more sex and more tenderness, rich and healing relationships, strong loves and friendships*


AXGE has been a prominent figure in Quebec’s underground music scenes for over a decade, sharing stages with many renowned artists. With a role in over 15 albums as a composer, arranger, and/or performer, AXGE’s musical journey is vast.

In tandem, AXGE has evolved as a videographer and visual artist. The transition to video began during their 2017 baccalaureate in visual art, with their first work exhibited at Place des Arts in 2018. Over 50 music videos later, AXGE ventured into short films and post-pornography, showcasing expertise in directing, editing, and special effects.

As a self-taught non-binary artist, AXGE explores subjectivity as a creative force in reality. Their politicized and poetic work is consistently influenced by queer culture and the anarchist community. Themes of consent and personal agency are recurrent, adding depth to an artistic journey committed to pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

Insta @glaplap

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