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Fireside Fun

King Kay and Jaq have a cozy night by the fire in this romantic sensual hookup.

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PerformersKing Kay, Jaq Quicksilver
EditorJaq Quicksilver


Runtime: 35:03

When I arrived at Kay’s, they had this incredible fire going, we were mearing matching thigh highs, and tacos had been pre-ordered for delivery – in other words, it was the perfect seduction! This is a real hookup, complete with cuddling, making out, laughter, active consent negotiations… oh yeah, and FUCKING. Fingering, humping, grinding, scratching, groping, oral… Enjoy us enjoying each other 🙂

Jaq Quicksilver

Jaq Quicksilver (they/them) is a nonbinary content creator from the SF Bay Area, now residing in Amsterdam. When they are not making porn they enjoy weightlifting, bicycling, gardening, and hanging with their cats.

Instagram @jaqquicksilver
Twitter @jaq_official

King Kay

King Kay (they/them) is a technician by day and a pole dancing, twerk lesson taking, friend-fucking switch also by day. And night. They’re a gender nonconforming Leo based in the SF Bay Area.

Instagram @kingkay_______

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