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Masochist for Mistress Part One

Haskell Holland’s first visit to the Pink Dungeon in DTLA is nothing short of pain & punishment as Mistress Veronica Vixen becomes acquainted with her toy to tease.

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StarringHaskell Holland and Mistress Veronica Vixen


Runtime: 15:57

A dark dream come true, Haskell Holland is finally within the wrath of Mistress Veronica Vixen ! In their first scene together, Haskell is strapped and locked into place, stretched above her bed frame with nipple clamps attached to a gag in mouth – She mocks and teases him, pinning plastic clothespins to his sensitive clit – Screams and squeals, Haskell thanks his Mistress behind a gagged mouth.


Haskell Holland (he/him) is a trans bisexual ceramics major and porn creator. In 2017 he began creating adult content, and in 2020 it became his full-time job. With a passion for pain and on a pursuit of pleasure, Haskell aims to have his creations and connections revolve around imagination, intimacy, and authenticity.


Mistress Veronica Vixen (she/her) is a Los Angeles based Domme and owner of DTLA Pink Dungeon. She’s a big tit bully who loves to humiliate wimps. A sexual deviant who enjoys weakening submissives through mind games, predicaments and manipulation. She enjoys a good you. Not with you.

Instagram @dumpsterbaby / Twitter @badgirlvixen

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