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Masochist for Mistress Part Two

Mistress Veronica Vixen isn’t done with submissive Haskell Holland yet. After the sadism comes the strap.

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PerformersHaskell Holland and Mistress Veronica Vixen


Runtime: 12:27

After having her way with Haskell via clothespins and whips, Mistress Veronica Vixen isn’t done just yet! This time, she slings out her strap and has him gag all over it, getting it extra sloppy before slipping inside of his hole – Holding in orgasms with all his focus and might, because he’s here for her pleasure, not his! After finally answering his pleas, he squirt everywhere and immediately goes on his knees where he overcome by her ass and worships her feet. Pathetic pain sluts always get put in their place.


Haskell Holland is a trans bisexual ceramics major and porn creator. In 2017 he began creating adult content, and in 2020 it became his full-time job. With a passion for pain and on a pursuit of pleasure, Haskell aims to have his creations and connections revolve around imagination, intimacy, and authenticity.

Mistress Veronica Vixen

Mistress Veronica Vixen is a Los Angeles based Domme and owner of DTLA Pink Dungeon. She’s a big tit bully who loves to humiliate wimps. A sexual deviant who enjoys weakening submissives through mind games, predicaments and manipulation. She enjoys a good you. Not with you.

Twitter @badgirlvixen / Instagram @dumpsterbaby

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