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My step daddy punishes me Part 2

I never submit to anyone…until my stepfather showed up and proved to me that I am better off at his feet.

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EditMiss Estigia
PerformersMiss Estigia and Dorian
CameraMiss Estigia and Dorian


Runtime: 16:51

My stepfather teaches me how to submit to him, spanking, drooling, punching…. actually, I love all that and in the end I want more and more. My face says it all, I can’t hide it…and neither can my pussy. in the end I end up with a big squirt, should I have tried it before?

I am estigia’s stepfather, she has always been the good and spoiled girl of the house…what nobody knows is what goes through her head and her body when she gives herself to me, obeys me and looks at me with that face asking for more.

Miss Estigia

Estigia (she/neutral) is a submissive who is slowly getting to know more and more masochistic sides of herself…primal, slave, pet …. and she wants more and more.


Dorian is a dominant that does not stop growing and discovering more of his facets with his submissive Estigia, each time they try more things, more forms of humiliation, surrender and submission. And seeing how his submissive learns and grows with him makes him very happy.

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