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Not now, Mommy’s Working

Kasia distracts Sage while she attempts to work from home. Face fucking, ass stuff, foot stuff, tit stuff…this one has it all

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Created byFlour Mommy & HoleMilk Mommy


Runtime: 15:05

A work-from-home day devolves into a sloppy and luxurious round of switchy fun: face-fucking, foot stuff, anal, and the rare treat of Sage getting behind the camera for a bit, letting you in on her enviable POV as she fucks Kasia from behind and below.

Flour Mommy & HoleMilk Mommy

Mommy4Mommy Films is a Flour Mommy & HoleMilk Mommy collaboration, producing high-quality dyke porn that celebrates and centers their switchy mommy dom dynamic.

HoleMilk Mommy (she/her) is a buxom mommy switch who gives as good as she gets. She likes being on her knees, on her bullshit, and on her phone.

Flour Mommy (she/her) is your soft country mama with rough hands, a dirty mind, and no neighbors.

Insta @flourmommy @holemilkmommy @mommy4mommyfilms

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