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Pain is My Forte

NYC Summer. Heat wave. Two rugged Alpha leather freaks meet for the first time and bound through pAIN

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Performers/DirectorsJamal Phoenix & Damian Dragon


Runtime: 13:02

No words are needed between Jamal and Damian. Their communication through deep eye-contacts and physical chemistry is obvious. Damian is a BDSM-smith and a delicious sadistic torturer, while Jamal is the perfect power-bottom pain-slut. Their muscular tattooed bodies are easing into the pain, from both the giving and receiving end, bringing NYC-summer to a boil.


Jamal Phoenix is an Afro-Creole FTM pornstar, dancer and sexworker currently based in Berlin. Jamal’s career resolves around his self-proclaimed “”Neo-Masculinity”” identity, his primary focus being on the expansion of Transmasculine Gay visibility using different mediums such as stage performances, movies or educational workshops. His work blurs the lines between sexuality, performing arts and kinky practices. Dancer above all, his performance range goes from Contemporary pieces to pole-dance shows.

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