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Peach Emojy wrecks Carta with a fucksaw

Watch beautiful trans girl Carta get her ass demolished by the gorgeous Peach Emojy wielding a 3,000 RPM fucksaw!

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StarringCarta Monir and Peach Emojy


Runtime: 17:08

My beautiful friend Peach Emojy wanted to show me her special reciprocating saw, which had a dildo attachment so she could turn it into a FUCKSAW – she put it in me and turned it all the way up. That’s three thousand strokes per minute – do you think I could handle it? It’s one of the most intense things I’ve ever experienced, that’s for sure!! You don’t want to miss this one!

Carta Monir

Carta Monir is a porn performer and writer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is tall and beautiful.

Twitter @cartamonir and @XXXcartaXXX / Instagram @cartamonir

Peach Emojy / Performer:
Twitter @peachemojy

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