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Puppygirl Punishment

Puppygirl Betty Wiles made a mess, and Piss Witch Iris knows just how to punish her.

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PerformersPiss Witch Iris and Betty Wiles
VideographerSalem X


Runtime: 35:27

When bombshell Puppygirl Betty Wiles makes a mess, Piss Witch Iris knows exactly how to remind her of her place. Iris starts with a training regiment to remind the perfect pet how to be a good girl — and it turns into an extravagant lesbian fuckfest, with bootlicking, squirting, and cumshots galore.


The Piss Witch Iris (she/they) is a trans goddess with an insatiable appetite and endless curiosity. The mommy of your dreams, the good girl of your fantasies, the urinal in the dark room of the party…she can do it all, and she plans to.

Instagram @pisswitchiris


Betty Wiles (she/her) is I’m a thick-thighed, fat-assed tattooed pinup with a big heart and a smart mouth. Multi-hyphenate with as much talent as she has good looks.

Instagram @bettywiles

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