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T4T Trans Guys Tribbing

When the cameras aren’t rolling this is one of our favorite ways to fuck, and we finally decided to catch it on video!

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StarringBilly Lore + Dee Darkholme
Filmed + Edited byBilly Lore


Runtime: 11:48

This video has been a loooooong time in the making! When the cameras aren’t rolling this is one of our favorite ways to fuck, and most date nights end with Dee grinding their cock hard against my hole until I’m feeling them throb deep inside me. However, because they manage to get so deep in me, it’s a pretty tricky thing to catch on camera, especially without a cameraman. A few days ago, we decided to experiment and see if what kinda angles we could find with our tripods, and I’m pretty happy with what we got! I’ve already got some more ideas for next time, but I think my favorite bit from this one is when they’ve got me folded in half and you can literally see the string of cum between our dicks, but the part at the very end where we share my hitachi is incredibly fucking good too.


Billy Lore [He/Him] is a Philly-based sex educator and porn maker with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and a big mouth. He centers trans pleasure, authentic communication, playful kink, and queer joy in all of his work, while his teaching style prioritizes inclusivity, accessibility, harm-reduction, and humor. He uses storytelling to engage the audience, and metaphors and pop culture references to break down complex topics into digestible concepts. You can find him engaging in dorky discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating every week on The Dildorks and you can follow him online on Twitter @BillyLore, on Instagram @BillyLore_, and at

Twitter @BillyLore / Instagram @BillyLore

Dee Darkholme: Twitter @D_Darkholme | Instagram – @D_Darkholme

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