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F*CKLAB: wet

Erykah Ohms and Parts Authority get wet together. 

Runtime: 11:45

In their first F*CKLAB film together, Erykah Ohms and Parts Authority get drenched in pure wetness.  Watch these two surprise each other with startling splashes and trickling streams resulting in laughter, playful revenge and soaking wet bedsheets.   Dripping wet make-outs dominate this game but when you’re this wet, it’s hard to resist a gushy orgasm…..

AORTA films’ F*CKLAB brings a curated group of performers together twice a month to co-create an embodied rehearsal and research practice for innovative pornographic content. Somewhere between a rehearsal, a research group, and a play party, F*CKLAB seeks to question current performance and pornographic ecologies to build a new form. What does an enthusiastically consensual embodied practice look like when sexually explicit bodies, states, and actions are centered? How do we build scores generating movement and/or pornographic performances that are authentically transcendent? How can kink dynamics, orgasm, gender, identity, eroticism, and sex acts be used as choreographic and improvisational tools? How can the coercive softness of intimacy and the radicalism of “obscenity” trigger glitch, compassion, and change within our selves and communities? And moreover, (how/) is it possible to create a partnership with all involved that negotiates a safe space for this practice? F*CULAB investigates the negotiation of pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive and trans-inclusive feminist practice rooted in care, risk. Select filmed experiments, scores, and performances from the workshop will be made public as part of the group’s research practice. 


StarringErykah Ohms + Parts Authority
Director of PhotographyAnonymous
EditorMahx Capacity
MusicBroke for Free “Night Owl”, XTREMIST “Crack and Drop”, and Minds Eye “Stellar”
Conceived byErykah Ohms + Parts Authority


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