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Pervy Pets

Pervy pets Manon Praline and Faiska Meloso can’t keep their paws off each other in this hot, gonzo home movie!

Runtime: 11:01

Daddy Mahx Capacity has a camcorder and two horny pets who can’t seem to stop humping each other! Manon Praline (she/her) is such a pretty pet and Daddy’s got a treat: new friend Faiska Meloso (they/them) for her to play with. As these pets sniff, growl, and get acquainted, Daddy can’t help getting turned on, and catch all of their perverted humping, spitting, and fucking on film to share with you.


Co-Produced by
Praline Studio, EDIY Porn, & AORTA films
StarringManon Praline and Faiska Meloso
“Pet Daddy”Mahx Capacity
Director + DPMahx Capacity
SetManon Praline
LightingZuum Hiperlinque
Editor and ColoristManon Praline
Conceived byManon Praline, Zuum Hiperlinque, & Mahx Capacity


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