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Blood of the Divine

Having exsanguinated Her little one through an intense needle play scene, Carmilla offers them the gift of an “infinite life,” conveyed through Her divine blood: Her milk.

BLood of the Divine:

A Tale of Blood, Milk, and Transfiguration

Written and read by Athénaïs Nin

For Mads

“But to die as lovers may—to die together, so that they may live together.”
—J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla (1872)

Carmilla ran Her tongue over Her lips, a frisson of pleasure coursing through Her body as Her palette took in the distinctive notes of blood mixed with little one’s juices—the tastes at once metallic and honeyed. Her eyes flashed with bloodlust as they fell on the site from which Her lips and tongue had drawn those flavorful liquids, tiny needlepricks of blood still beading from little one’s cunt…

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Athénaïs Nin

Athénaïs Nin (she/they) is a white, neurospicy, queer, kinky, transmisogny-affected leather femme, and a proud Mommy and polymorphously perverse slut with a literary disposition and penchants for carnality and decadence. She delights in auralism, lactation, romantic sadism, muffing, thoroughly spoiling her little one, and being, as one of her namesakes writes, “a courtesan depositor of multiple desires.” She has an academic background in French erotic literature and is an author, sex educator, and sex and relationship coach.

Photo: Natasha Gornik

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