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Welcome to IPSC

Welcome to

A MONTHLY MEETUP for The indie porn Ecology

Are you an indie porn maker, content creator, or studio-owner looking for community, networking, and support?

Designed to facilitate ecology building, networking, and resource-sharing, the Independent Porn Studio Consortium (IPSC or “ipsy” for short) is a monthly meetup for studio-owners and porn-makers, facilitated by a shifting opt-in roster of community members. The group meets via zoom on the second Thursday of every month at 12 noon EST. Discussion topics have included:

Festivals / Screening Fees
Financial/Structural Business Models
Adult Industry Issues (set standards, testing, consent, pay, etc)
Generating Income + Finding Funding (models, distribution, grants, non-traditional)
Larger Sextech/Sex Work Issues (marginalization, activism, decrim)
Operations Questions (bank accounts, services, etc)
Recs for Web Developers, Freelancers, Crew, Staff, etc.
Content Trades/Anti-Capitalist Models
Human-centric wellbeing + camaraderie

While this group is geared towards folks who are working on a studio level with commercial intent alongside the creative work of filmmaking, porn-makers and porn-workers of all experience level, studio size, and administrative/creative role are welcome! 

Please email MahxCapacity [at] to be added to the recurring gcal invite. 

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