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Pink Lemonade

Service doll Scarlette knows just how to push daddy Daemonum X’s buttons

Runtime: 17:31

Good dollies should be seen and not heard. So why does Scarlette go looking for trouble during a service session with daddy Daemonum X? One misdeed calls for a spanking—a second warrants reprogramming. After getting dolled up in pink chiffon, a gagged Scarlette (she/her) is tied with jute rope and bound to the bed. DaemonumX (she/her) teaches her exposed plaything a lesson that’s sure to leave an impression. Could this have been what Scarlette wanted all along?



StarringDaemonum X and Scarlette
DirectorMahx Capacity
Director of PhotographyLanee Bird
Editor and ColoristLanee Bird
Conceived byDaemonum X and Scarlette


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