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Earn Daddy’s Huge Load

What lengths would you go through to earn this FTM Daddy’s cum? Prove it.

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Performed, filmed, and edited byWes Cravin


Runtime: 14:14

Savor this close up view as Daddy strokes their big, hard cock, teasing your greedy, needy holes as they pump away. It’s time to show Daddy your best manners and ultimate cock worshiping skills. Watch My precum glisten as you beg and plead for Me to breed you, to give you the life-changing and saving elixir of My cum. Worship accordingly and reap a huge, sticky, sweet, reward that is bound to leave you craving more…

Wes Cravin

Wes Cravin (aka FTM_cub) (they/them) is a testosterone enhanced, non-binary transsexual based in Seattle, Washington. A seductive, sensual sadomasochist and a cool, collected confidante with cruel compulsions, their distinctive debauchery is bound to leave you begging for more. Wes has a natural zeal for the perverse and perverted; their preferred medium is using the cathartic powers of kink and BDSM practice to transform trauma and taboos into unapologetic pleasure.

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