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Fuel your fantasies and let your imagination lead the way with HOTLINE, AORTA films’ first audio and written erotica offerings. We’ve teamed up with creators that you’ll love to bring you smut you can truly immerse yourself in. Whether you’re having a quick read on the train or getting comfortable with a pair of headphones, HOTLINE has juicy stories you can explore at your own pace—and with your own imagination as the guide.

With this premiere, we invite you into this experiment with us. Let us know what you think of HOTLINE (follow the link at the bottom of the page for a FREE short film rental!) We can’t wait to hear if you’re hungry for more! If you’re a creator that’s interested in learning more about the program, let us know at here.

This Month’s written feature:

Blood of the Divine:
A Tale of Blood, Milk, and Transfiguration

Written and read by Athénaïs Nin

Having exsanguinated Her little one through an intense needle play scene, Carmilla offers them the gift of an “infinite life,” conveyed through Her divine blood: Her milk.

“Carmilla stretched out on the bed, Her back settling into the mountain of pillows She had arranged against the headboard. Her right hand slid under little one’s head, supporting it as if they were a baby, and with Her left hand She pulled little one to Her so that they could rest upon Her lap. “Mommy’s here, sweetheart, and I’m not going anywhere. This is not the end; this is just ‘Mommy and me’ time.” With one hand still supporting little one’s head, Carmilla began to unclasp Her stays, releasing her ample bosom. She drew them to Her breast and practically pushed the areola into their mouth. “Drink, little one,” She trilled.

This Month’s Audio Feature:

Puppygirl’s Prize

Written and read by BOARLORD

It’s your last day of Puppy Training and there’s one final test.

Are you ready to show BOARLORD what you’ve learned?

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