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Front and Back

We eat each other out front and back!

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Created byLaura Ropes & Miss Estigia


Runtime: 10:18

Miss Estigia and Laura Ropes were craving eating each other out, but didn’t want you to miss a detail, so they shot from both front and back so you won’t miss any of the action, and will be able to see all the faces they make meanwhile!

Laura Ropes

Laura Ropes (she/her) is a performer and content creator who craves new experiences and sensations. She comes from a background in science and always strives to experiment more and more in her content.

Miss Estigia

Who is Estigia (she/her)? A girl of 24 years old, of Brazilian origin, she has grown up all her life in Gran Canaria, but now she lives in Barcelona. She is mainly dedicated to the creation of adult content, more focused on bdsm and fetish world. She also practices bdsm in her personal life, as she is a primal submissive with collar. What she wants most is to transmit her pleasure through her content, that the viewer can also feel what he is seeing, that he enjoys it. And above all, she wants them to see that it is possible not to have a normative body and enjoy that pleasure.

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