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The Boys Suck’d

Master Satanas’s boys being worshipped and his boots being licked clean.

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StarringMaster Satanas and Doom$fae


Runtime: 2:48

MASTER SATANAS, a disabled dominant, demands his boys be sucked and his boots be licked by his loyal devotee and submissive D00M$FAE. Master Satanas is so unholy that his feet rarely if ever touch the ground.

master Stanas

Master Satanas is a trans masculine disabled domme. He has a M.S. in Christian Ministry from Pepperdine University. During his time at University, he researched and became a Satanist. His kinks are findom, leather, impact, electroplay, needle play, bondage, discipline and humiliation. He is a master of the strap and of teaching those with privilege what to do with it. As Satan, he brings out the best in all his submissives and encourages them to do what thou whilst (SIN!). In exchange he only asks that you PRAI$E $ATANA$”


D00M$FAE aka DOOM is the loyal submissive to Master Satanas. A brat, a fairie, a puppy, a doll and a terror. Doom only submits to Master Satanas, so in submitting to Master Satanas you also submit to DOOM.

Instagram @d00msfae

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