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The OH Files: 1ND3X – Rent


Every person has an ‘index’—it’s a collection of your highest density, most impactful memories, mapped on to the ridges and curves of your body. In 1ND3X, Parts Authority reveals theirs, creating wormholes through space and time to remember past lovers, sensations, and memories.

AORTA films presents The OH Files / pornography from the ETLE Universe. Millk chugging, mylar, slow motion resonance, filling and being filled; these are just a few of the images that flood AORTA films’ first feature, The Oh Files, starring Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock. Interspersed with bodies gleefully cutting through space in suspended time, these shorts explore queer sexuality from the vantage point of the ETLE Universe, a queer/feminist cyborg time travel performance epic. 

Let yourself be filled // let your future self do the filling.
Your future is coming.